Fizl Ltd - Smart Systems

Craftsmen and Purveyors of Smart Systems.

Fully equipped with MSDN Enterprise/Xamarin licenses, our own production servers, remote access solution and contacts specialising in almost every area of IT, we can turn an idea into a product or resolve almost any IT issue.

When we're not working for someone else, we're doing R&D.

Owner: Simon Soanes (Blog | E-mail)

Current Services

  • Full lifecycle Software Development (Analysis, architecture, design, development, test management, change management, release management, incident management, devops and customer liason. Programming using C#, C++, SQL, XML/Html and TypeScript/Javascript - Web, Desktop and experience with Embedded and Smart Card systems), architecture using Archimate.
  • Management, improvement and troubleshooting of Network Infrastructure (Resilient design, Cabling, Cloud providers, IPv4/IPv6, L2 - switches, L3 - including BGP routing, DNS, Hyper-V virtualisation, Kubernetes, PKI, Directory Services, Firewalls and various VPN's/tunnels - including MPLS connections like ExpressRoute).
  • Provision or maintenance of Hosting (Windows/Linux/FreeBSD servers - Websites on ASP.NET and other platforms, MS SQL Server, NoSQL Servers)
  • Remote Technical Support
  • IT Consulting (Identification of cost savings, efficiency improvements, rapid location of problem areas or assistance in provisioning your own infrastructure or making use of cloud services like Windows Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud)

Research and Development

  • Automatic Bayes classifier
  • Deep recursive time-variant pattern recognition with Purkineje-style supression reinforcement strategies
  • Helpdesk package
  • Zorganiser orchestration engine


  • Auto-Exploratory Learning and Interaction System with infinite layer depth through dynamic associative pairing of correlated inputs to attempted output signals.
  • Observable model differencing and intention-lambda experimentation and assessment of execution for machine reasoning and problem solving.
  • Large language model vector memory augments
  • Language driven goal inference